40 Years into the Future

DesignworksUSA enters the new millennium as a leading design innovator and opens a studio in Munich. In 2002, under the leadership of Adrian van Hooydonk, DesignworkUSA opens its new, state of the art studio in California with a festive “Celebrating Design” event. In 2006, under the strategic direction of Verena C. Kloos, DesignworksUSA opens a design studio in Singapore and now has the ability to identify design trends from North America, Europe, and Asia. In 2009, Laurenz Schaffer, previously head of the DesignworksUSA Munich Studio, assumes the presidency of DesignworksUSA, and DesignworksUSA is ranked #1 in Design by Fast Company magazine for 2010. In 2012, DesignworksUSA opens a studio in Shanghai to further extend DesignworksUSA’s understanding of Asian trends and culture.

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