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Remington: Men’s Foil & Rotary Shavers.

Really Well Groomed

Design Challenge: Remington approached DesignworksUSA to create a distinct identity for their Men’s Shavers line. Unlike competitors who specialize in one type of shaver, Remington’s product offering spans both the rotary and foil shaver markets. Plus the new design needed to translate across a range of price points.

Design Solution: Positioned as a real American brand, the new design language reflects Remington’s product attributes of bold, edgy and innovative, while emphasizing a high-level of quality consumers can trust. DesignworksUSA began by developing a distinct look and feel for the shavers, taking cues from classic male interests cars, motorcycles, planes, tools and sports. Shape sets were used to develop iconic themes, while foam models tested ergonomics. Details were fine-tuned such as consistency across shape set, brand placement and user experience.

Utilizing precision points, angles and asymmetry, the design language communicates a clean shave with modern visual interest. Bold in tone, but with a refined sophistication competitive with European products, the design works across all of Remington’s product lines and pricing tiers. The shavers are distinguished with a variety of features as well as surface colors, materials and graphics to help consumers navigate the previously unrecognizable tiering strategy. After showing retailers this stylish new design, Remington has had to increase sales forecasts significantly.

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