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hello™: Oral Care Brand.

Seriously Friendly Design 

Design Challenge:  hello™, the world’s first seriously friendly™ oral care brand, was conceived to change the world one store aisle, mouth, sink and medicine cabinet at a time. It all began when Craig Dubitsky – lifelong commodity category re-inventor and now – CEO + Founder of Hello Products – took a trip to his local store. As Craig walked the oral care aisle, he saw a sea of aggressive red vs. blue industrial packaging, and branding with claims like “kill” and “fight.” To Craig, the offerings felt like an arsenal of weapons for some mysterious battle that consumers were convinced was waging in their mouths. How did killing and fighting have anything to do with smiling and freshness?

To bring this friendly vision to life, Craig partnered with DesignworksUSA to create hello’s breakthrough solutions. He issued a creative brief for products that would bring the brand’s seriously friendly spirit to life, achieve the perfect balance of form and function, and incorporate a soft, curved aesthetic and thoughtful, user-centric precision throughout. Hello’s mouthwash, spray and paste packaging is comprised of 100% custom, proprietary designs – from the pour-and-swig rings on the mouthwashes, to the sleek click-andgo sprays, to the “pastry bag tip” on the toothpastes. Every aspect of the product designs – and how they relate to the user experience – was examined and optimized for friendliness.

Design Solution:  The design team set out to create a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic that would disrupt the category while being attractive enough to put on display.  The toothpastes are designed to look the same from the day of purchase to the day of disposal. The containers are made of six layers of plastic, with the outermost layer being soft to the touch. The packaging boasts a unique, medicine cabinet-friendly, soft-touch tottle that politely stands up, with no wasteful secondary packaging.  The mouthwashes are in an arresting, easy-on-the eyes and easy-to-use bottle with a proprietary swig-or-pour friendly flavor ring.  The breath sprays’ twist-to-lock functionality, sweet shape, and raised logo make it easy to tote and locate in purses or pockets.  The handles for the toothbrushes are made with recycled polypropylene and a biodegradable corn resin – a friendly material that feels great to hold and is nice to the environment. Colorful bristles can’t help but bring a smile.

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