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John Deere: X series Lawn & Garden Tractor.

“Feel Good” Tractor

> > IDEA award winner
> > 2004 iF award winner

Design Challenge: To revitalize John Deere’s multi-purpose lawn and garden division flagship – the X series tractor. John Deere’s objectives included cost reduction, improved ergonomics, and the creation of a more refined new look for the X series.

Design Solution: We concluded that an evolutionary aesthetic was the right approach. One that was fresh enough to carry the model through a long life cycle and still appeal to their customer base.

Our overall design language was to convey that the X series is an easy to use, friendly multi-seasonal, multi-purpose vehicle with an engaging, “feel good” presence. The proportions and design detail convey strength, power and reliability.

We comprehensively refined the ergonomics with Ramsis anthropometric software. We optimized all operator and machine interface, seat location and travel, steering wheel position and adjustability, pedal position and movement, position of all knobs, levers, buttons and forward visibility.

This new efficient design helped to unseat the market competition by cost reduction, systems innovation, operator ergonomics, production and assembly refinement.

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