Deutsche Bahn: Innovation Train

Innovation Train.

A Destination in Itself

Design Challenge: The design task was to transform the activities of train riders into functional spaces designed to enhance their needs. Trains are by nature universal. Train travel differs from that of car or air-
plane such as the freedom to walk about during transit and the opportunity for unique social interact-
ions. These include information access, reservations for entertainment, laundry service and even a Four Seasons shop.

Design Solution: The Innovation train begins the movement towards allowing the rider access to spaces that match their needs. We took advantage of the linearity of the train but masked it with curving walkways (suggesting the metaphor of pathways in a garden) and unique themed rooms. The floor plan facilitates both walking about and clustering for activities, characteristics more typical of a luxury liner. The interior design language has the feel of a modern, warm restaurant or club. We drew on materials – wood, glass, and stainless steel – and finishes only available to trains to create a substantial interior presence.

The design language continues to take the “mass” out of “mass transit” with six unique railcars. The quiet glass environment of the First Class car; the adaptable Bistro car; the tiered-seating Theatre car; the spacious, kiosk-rich Information car, the safe-play enhanced Family car, and the communications-device free zone, the Quiet car.

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