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BMW 3 Series.

A New Face


Design Challenge: The goal of the new 3 series was to build upon the success of its predecessor by creating a modern design language, specifically, increasing muscle, surface dynamics and tension.

Design Solution: Working closely with the design center in Munich, our designers started by designing themes that increase the notion of dynamics by creating a flatter, lower silhouette. Tension was immediately designed into the car with the notable contrast of the muscular ‘barrel’-like body side with the crisp character lines shooting through and defining the length, head to toe.

Bringing a whole new “face” to the car, our designers developed a new form for the headlights. Staying true to BMW heritage, they refined the ‘double-round’ and ‘L-form’ lamps that distinguish the marque.

Also true to the driving heritage, large wheel arches were sculpted to give emphasis to wheel placement at the front corner, conveying amazing strength and definition.

The pure love of craft is evident throughout. From the sculpted door handles to the grills, chrome jewelry and wheels, our designers established a whole new level of design quality for the 3 Series range.

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